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Easy to use and install load bar with adjustable curtain that can reach 5.00 m of line and up to 1.80 m drop with manual operation and 1.40 m if motorized. Ideal for Al and M1 Premium Plus systems, providing additional protection against horizontal sunlight and creating spaces with greater privacy.

Is distinguished by:


Wide range of compatibility in assemblies and performance: Premium and Concept arms up to 3 m; Spiral Premium semi-cassette option; option of installation with telescopic struts or fixing the ends to the ground or handrail, to avoid oscillation with the wind.
Perfect integration in multiple details: the curtain fabric can be the same fabric as the awning; option to put a skirt on the load bar to hide the ballast when the curtain is retracted and also the possibility of using a skirt on the lower edge of the curtain, to give it more height and thus adapt to uneven floors.
Ease and speed of installation, in addition to being able to operate the system with a crank or motor, both to the left and to the right.