Kyma-led cassettes

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KYMA is a system that has an extremely careful aesthetic, elegant design and following the trends and needs of the market. As a characteristic to be pointed out, we highlight the location of its arms since they are separated from the canvas and thus protect its duration. In addition, it is a multi-arm solar protection system that recreates environments that are easily recognizable due to their characteristic personality. It stands out for the protection and care it offers to the canvas and its silent box.


Recommended up to

Brazos Sin unión Con unión
2 6,00 línea x 3,50 salida
3 7,00 línea x 3,50 salida
3 9,00 línea x 3,50 salida
4 12,50 línea x 3,50 salida
5/6 14,00 línea x 3,50 salida

Se distingue por:

  • Cofre multibrazos orientado para poder montarlo desde una Simple instalación con 2 brazos hasta una con 6 brazos invisibles.

  • Se pueden unir los perfiles de 7 m, gracias a un kit de unión. Un cof con todas las prestaciones para cualquier tipo de instalación.

  • Compatible con brazos Premium y Concept.