Arco-led cassettes

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Arko is a new box system that fits perfectly with current avant-garde features and aesthetics, incorporating the greatest advances in terms of durability, quality and safety on the market. This system is characterized by using a new technology of tension in the arm, since it contains an ultra-resistant textile tape that allows to achieve a much more robust joining element in the joint as well as a more compact closure of the arm, thereby reducing the overall size of the chest. The profiles and the covers of the Arko box are made of aluminum, which guarantees uniformity in color as well as a reduction in the weight of the system. In addition, the conservation of the canvas is guaranteed because the box has an internal PVC skid to protect it from friction.

Arko is equipped with a light integrated into the drawer profile of the box both open and closed, which gives it a touch of sophistication and elegance. It is a system that is easy to install and regulate, which allows greater tolerance to wall mounting since all the regulations are accessible from the front of the system, using a single support for all the maneuvering options.

Recommended up to

Con máquina Con motor
6,00 línea x 3,00 salida 6,00 línea x 4,00 salida


El motor con maniobra de socorro de Somfy CSI serie 60, es compatible para montaje a pared pero no para montaje a techo.