A-30 Bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats

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The A-30 bioclimatic pergola model is characterized by its aluminum slats rotate to adjust the brightness, protect from rain, protect from UVA rays and reduce the amount of wind. The movement of our bioclimatic pergola A-30 is carried out motorized.

The structure of the bioclimatic pergola A-30 is of great robustness to withstand large dimensions and thus notably fulfill 100% of the possibilities. Our pergola is manufactured taking care of the smallest detail:

SOMFY 24 V motor. Almost silent pergola.
Completely hidden wiring and hardware.
Thickness of the aluminum profiles of 3 mm.
Post prepared with hidden guides to integrate vertical solar protection CA-70 Screen.
Beam prepared with reinforced tube to house CA-10 glass curtain enclosure.
100% watertight. Provided with an intelligent rainwater channeling system.
Pergola certified in its maximum measurements, determining the maximum load at 1.5 kN / m2.
CE marking according to UNE-EN 1991-1-1.
5 year warranty.
Optional: perimeter LED lighting.